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Private Family Coaching

A meaningful way to support your favorite team

A new kind of family meeting

Every family deserves to have healthy, happy and connected relationships.

Imagine having a trusted coach to guide conversations about your vision, values and game plan for the most important aspects of your life. TFM offers ongoing 90-minute workshops of virtual family coaching. Convenient, modern support to talk about the things you care about most.

How we help

A plan to help families thrive

A unique Membership

Stengthen the Foundation

Every client starts with our signature workshop series, a way to apply an intentional strategy to the most valuable asset in your life. These first eight workshops are designed to help heads of households define their family's success.

Eight 90-minute workshops

Research-backed sessions to discover your family's vision and values.

Private, virtual meetings for couples (or singles)

Video calls built right into our RELATE app, flexible to everyone's schedule.

Led by experienced Coaches

Intelligent and empathetic coaches who are experts in well-being.

First Year Workshops

Family Welcome



Social Fitness

Family Coaching

Family Coaching

Family Coaching

Family Coaching

Intentional Software

Capture your Story

We've built a software platform to help you stay on track. With the RELATE app, your entire journey with TFM is stored in one place.

Celebrate key milestones

A digital record of your family's story, moments, and memories.

Share with loved ones

Continue a legacy of love and connection.

Ready to Build Better Family Relationships?

First year membership

For a limited time, Total Family Management is offering an exclusive pilot program. Get a discount on our primary plan and join the official partner to families everywhere.

What's included

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Reduced rates for adult children or additional family members available


Empowering Results

“Barriers are there that you can't see. The workshops let you slow down without your phone, take a breath and see everything right in front of you.”

Tammy | TFM Client

“Being able to focus on your individual and family values, current and future needs and overall family happiness & wellbeing is priceless.”

Candace | TFM Client

“(Our coach) is very organized and thorough…She has an innate ability to get a conversation started and to get me thinking about topics I may not have before.”

Mark | TFM Client